Another day another phishing attack

By Greg Wendt • June 24, 2014

A single compromised website hosted 862 PHP scripts. Think about that for a minute – 1 server, with 862 scripts. These scripts targeted banking, webmail, PhotoBucket and many online dating sites. The attackers utilized the dating sites to eventually request money from the users. The time and energy invested in this attack is stunning. More information on the attack here.

From a PeopleSoft customer perspective, phishing attacks can be a daily event. Sophistication and success of these attacks varies greatly. End user training and support only goes so far in defense of the organization. Costs of remediation continue to soar. All it takes is one slip – one click – one password.

Compromised ERP solutions cost organizations time, money and lost credibility with constituents.

Is your organization going to continue to risk all of that on a single user id and password?

The attackers have all the time in the world, but you do not… The time is now for implementing Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to help mitigate these attacks.

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