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Securing SAP Data & Access for Your Growing Remote/Hybrid Workforce

By Scott Lavery • October 20, 2021

Securing SAP Data & Access for Your Growing Remote/Hybrid Workforce

Remote work is pushing SAP access controls to the breaking point. With users accessing critical data and business transactions from a multitude of connection points, mobile/personal devices, and during all hours of the day & night – threats are growing exponentially.

The root of the challenge lies in the that SAP access controls are static and designed to be used in a managed environment. Today, static, role-based controls govern SAP access without taking into account the context of a user’s access, such as where they are working from, what device they are using, or what day or time of day it is. With remote and hybrid work, the context of access is constantly changing, and it’s these subtle changes that external and internal bad actors are using to steal and exploit data and financial transactions.

Join the SAP experts at Grey Monarch and Appsian Security as they discuss the modern access controls, visibility and GRC capabilities that organizations are employing (or should immediately consider) to combat the threats created by remote and hybrid work.

  1. Learn how to utilize absolute real-time data access and usage analytics to enable instant threat response
  2. Learn how dynamic, attribute-based access can limit functionality and data visibility at the point of user transaction execution (such as if they are working from home, accessing from a non-corporate device, or at an unusual time of day)
  3. Using dynamic data masking to limit exposure of data without causing user friction and to align with the principal of least privilege.

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