Chief Information Security Officer

Align Data Security Policies With Your Organization’s ERP Business Requirements

As A CISO, You Understand The Criticality Of Securing Sensitive Business, Financial, And HCM Data Across The Enterprise

Unfortunately, a large volume of this data resides in traditional, on-premise ERP systems that were not designed to meet modern security and compliance requirements. Bad actors are aware of this, as these systems are a top target for malicious activity – putting your data (and your brand’s reputation) at risk.

To make matters worse, modern workforces demand mobile access to these systems in order to maintain maximum productivity. Thus, increasing your threat surface. While investing in security and compliance enhancements to these systems is now necessary to protect your data, you must also ensure that productivity is not adversely affected.

Challenges In The Modern Business Environment

Mobile access to ERP systems means data security risks can originate from both inside and outside your secure network. ERP systems only offer access controls that are static and roles-based. Meaning the context of access does not dictate what someone can view. Thus, aligning a security posture around best practices like least privilege and zero-trust becomes impossible. Native ERP logging features only offer high levels of visibility. These features do not provide the granular access information that can be used for threat prevention, remediation, or compliance audits.

How Appsian Can Help

Appsian enables you to strike the perfect balance between data security and user productivity. Integrate stepped-up, fine-grained security (ex. MFA, masking, click-to-view) and strengthen access controls that leverage contextual attributes. With real-time data access monitoring, you are better equipped to detect and respond to security incidents.

Enhanced logging capabilities enable you to track all access attempts, so you can take precautions wherever required.

Enhanced Authentication And Access Control

Strengthen user authentication with tightly integrated features (SSO and MFA), along with access controls that enforce policies based on context of access.

Key Features

Policy-Based Data Protection

Implement data masking in SAP using a single, one-to-many policy enhancement. Dynamically enforce data masking and data exfiltration rules based on context to protect data in high-risk access scenarios

Preventive Business Process Controls

Enforce business rules with a technical control that can set limits at the field level, consider previous activity, and minimize reliance on manual compensating controls

Risk-Aware Dynamic Authorizations

Align controls to real-world risk by extending authorization logic to include contextual attributes such as IP address, location, time of day, previous activity, and more

Data-Centric Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Combine granular insights with enriched processing to capture the information you want, when you want it – without the noise or manual effort

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