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PeopleSoft Security/UX Leader, GreyHeller, Announce Name Change to Appsian

By Scott Lavery • September 11, 2018

PeopleSoft Security/UX Leader, GreyHeller, Announce Name Change to Appsian

September 12, 2018 10:00 AM Central Standard Time

Dallas, TX – GreyHeller, a leading PeopleSoft application security and UX/UI solutions provider has announced today the launch of a new corporate identity, name, and website. The organization will now be known as Appsian – with a new website,

The rebranding represents a new identity for the organization, as they continue to establish their presence as a best in class software solution. With a focus on servicing the PeopleSoft customer base, the organization will continue their efforts to release comprehensive solutions ensuring customers maximize their investment in PeopleSoft. “Appsian is dedicated to the objective of delivering maximum value to PeopleSoft customers,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO of Appsian. “We have an incredibly talented team with a real commitment to building more innovative and comprehensive solutions to make PeopleSoft exceptional.”

Best of Breed PeopleSoft Application Security

A key driver to further Appsian’s innovation has been the continued development of the organization’s best of breed Application Security Platform – designed to enhance core security capabilities within PeopleSoft. “Most organizations have little control over how users are consuming data in core ERP applications,” said Piyush Pandey. “We use context-specific algorithms to comprehensively measure the security risk and then deploy adaptive access controls, all while delivering insights to manage the application at the user data and workflow levels.”
The past year has seen two critical releases for the platform, including PeopleSoft Single Sign-On, which differentiated itself as the only SAML-based SSO for PeopleSoft available on the market. In addition, the release of PeopleSoft Security Analytics filled the critical need for a data monitoring and visualization tool that identifies user access trends and threat vectors within a PeopleSoft environment.

Vision of Enhancing PeopleSoft Workflows

Another key driver for innovation is the execution of the organization’s vision to enable PeopleSoft customers during their adoption of Fluid UI, PeopleSoft’s latest UX/UI release. By releasing enhancements to core HCM and Campus Solution’s functions (Benefits Enrollment, Recruiting, Supply Chain Management, Campus Course Enrollment and more), the organization has positioned itself as a UX/UI solutions leader, helping organizations re-imagine their PeopleSoft applications in-service to improving business agility, faster decision making, and improved user engagement.

Delivering Value to PeopleSoft Customers

With a strong market reputation and a rapidly growing customer base, Appsian leaders are excited about the next phase of the company. “As a founder of this exciting and dynamic company, I am excited by what the future brings, said Larry Grey, Co-Founder. “Appsian will build upon our success in the PeopleSoft ecosystem by continuing to provide innovative solutions that will protect organizations against today’s security threats, meet changing data privacy requirements, and drive user engagement and productivity. We’re also excited to expand our delivery of these solution to other cloud and on premise platforms – all while continuing to deepen our PeopleSoft solutions.”

Learn More About Appsian Solutions for PeopleSoft

To learn more about how Appsian can enhance your PeopleSoft systems, we are providing two opportunities to get an overview of Appsian’s product offerings:

Tuesday September 25, 2018 (11 am pst / 1 pm cst)

Granular, Contextual, Exceptional: Deliver Total PeopleSoft Data Security

Thursday September 27, 2018 (9 am pst / 11 am cst)

Deliver an Exceptional PeopleSoft User Experience with PeopleUX

About Appsian

Drawing from deep PeopleSoft roots, Appsian engineers lightweight, yet powerful software solutions that enhance and optimize PeopleSoft’s security, mobility, and user experience capabilities. Our mission is to help PeopleSoft customers extend and amplify their ERP investment. With the release of unique solutions like PeopleSoft Single Sign-On (SAML), PeopleSoft Security Analytics, field/page/component level Multi-Factor Authentication, and PeopleUX, Appsian has established itself as a leader in the Oracle solution space. Appsian is honored to be an Oracle Gold Partner as well as on the Oracle Customer Advisory Board. To learn more, visit

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