Out of Available Memory error running Application Engine

By Chris Heller • February 15, 2009

When you run an Application Engine program from within Application Designer (as we mentioned in our blog post on Application Engine Development Tips) and turn on the checkbox for sending output to a log file, it always defaults to sending the output to c:temp.

If you don’t have a c:temp directory though, you’ll end up getting the “Out of Available Memory” error message.

This problem doesn’t occur when running Application Engine via the process scheduler because the process scheduler has already arranged the output directories appropriately (so that each process instance’s output can be tied to the instance number).

It should default the output directory to %TEMP% and just expand that at runtime, but until it does, then the best thing to is just create a c:temp directory so that you don’t have to keep changing it all the time.

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3 Replies to “Out of Available Memory error running Application Engine”

  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the reply. We are using pside.exe to copy the Project. It works well if the source is SIT. It only fails if the source is UAT. Yes the name is 30 char, but how was that successful in copying from SIT to UAT? Hmm…


  2. Project name is 30 characters max. The incident ID being included in the project name is the problem.

    Are you trying to copy the project directly with Application Designer or with something else?

  3. I m sorry if this is irrelavant but i would like know if there is any limit on the length of the Project Name in Peoplesoft as I m unable to find the project ABCD_GL_TICKET_INC000001299217 though it actually exists in the instance. This happens when I m using PSIDE.EXE to copy project from UAT to PROD. Interestingly it was copied till UAT ( I mean from DEV to SIT to UAT). Any ideas?

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