PS/nVision is not configured properly on this workstation

By Chris Heller • March 21, 2011

Today, I was helping a customer configure our Desktop Single Signon product for use with nVision. Because this was a brand-new machine where nVision had never been run, he kept encountering the error PS/nVision is not configured properly on this workstation.

He was amazed when I gave him the solution: drop into a windows command shell and type

PSNVS.EXE /register

Magically, nVision started to work.

Huh? Why?

The error message is generated from the code that uses COM to initiate a conversation between Excel and the PeopleTools bindaries. You see, because nVision is part Excel and part PeopleTools, there’s a delicate dance that has to occur at startup between the two. COM facilitates the communications between the two.

Sometimes if the COM objects aren’t initialized properly (they’re supposed to do this as part of running workstation configuration… PSCFG.EXE, but sometimes it doesn’t work, especially when importing the settings from a file). Running nVision with the /register flag will force this to occur (if you want to unregister the COM objects, you type PSNVS.EXE /unregister).

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