Hiding the PeopleSoft Pagebar in all component

By Chris Heller • August 25, 2006

We had an interesting “Ask the Experts” question yesterday about how to disable the PeopleSoft page bar across the entire system. The page bar is what has the “New Window”, “Customize Page”, and “Copy URL to clipboard” links in it.


There is a personalization setting for the “Customize Page” link that can be defaulted completely off at the system level, but the other options can only be turned off by going into each component and changing these properties. Financials 8.9 has 6723 components in it. Not something that you want to do one at time, especially since changing these settings is technically a customization.

One potential workaround to this is to just use SQL and update the component properties manually, but you generally don’t want to muck around with making direct updates to the PeopleTools tables (and you’re still customizing a ton of objects – you’re just doing it faster).

The other potential workaround that can be used still involves a customization, but a less invasive one. It involves using a little CSS to hide the page bar. This one line of JavaScript will do the trick.

document.write("<style>#PAGEBAR { display: none; }</style>");

If you put this into one of the delivered JavaScript programs that is added to every page (which is a customization), then you’ll be set.

Note that you haven’t actually disabled this functionality, just hidden it. So if you’re really desperate to keep people from using the pagebar, then you will have to disable it on each component so that the backend knows that it’s disabled as well.

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One Reply to “Hiding the PeopleSoft Pagebar in all component”

  1. Here’s an undocumented feature… Slap the following onto a URL in PIA to disable the “New Window | Help” links on a PIA page.


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