Grey Sparling "PeopleSoft Experts" Webinar Series

By Chris Heller • February 20, 2009


This blog post falls under the category of why haven’t we done this earlier?

Over the almost 4 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve had lots of folks who have read our blog and attended our “tips and techniques” user group sessions ask us to make this information available to others in their organization who aren’t able to travel to physical meetings. Throughout the month of February, we’ve been piloting webinars to a select group of people to get out the kinks and so far, the feedback has been extremely positive (and the response rate we’ve received has exceeded even our most grandiose expectations).

Therefore, we are launching our webinar series, which is a combination of general tips and techniques sessions as well as deep dives into our products.

Upcoming Webinars

We have 3 new webinars that we’re opening up for registration immediately

Development Best Practices for PeopleSoft Enterprise

    Wednesday, March 4 @ 12:00pm PST. Click here to register.

    Learn from the PeopleSoft experts the best techniques for developing in your PeopleSoft environment. We will discuss the common types of modifications made to PeopleSoft applications, and the best means for making changes with minimal impact and cost to your PeopleSoft environment, while still leveraging the functionality available in PeopleTools. We will also discuss techniques for analyzing impact and managing the changes you may be making.

Getting Started with PeopleSoft Reporting

    Wednesday, March 11 @ 12:00pm PST. Click here to register.

    You need to write a report, but how should you go about building it? Out-of-the-box, you are provided with several tools to write reports, an application with thousands of tables, trees, effective dating, and multi-language translations. Perhaps your organization has even standardized on a 3rd party reporting tool. This session will teach you best practices and techniques for determining what tool to use, and how to go about building, securing, and deploying reports against your PeopleSoft application.

Operational Excellence with Grey Sparling Version Control for PeopleSoft

    Friday, February 27 @ 12:00pm PST. Click here to register.

    If you would like to have better control over your development and release processes for your PeopleSoft environments, you will want to attend this session. We will be providing an overview of best practices in managing your PeopleSoft development and releases as well as our product offerings in this space.


We will be scheduling future webinars for other topics, so stay tuned.


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