[Roundtable] Creating Secure & Frictionless PeopleSoft Authentication With SSO & MFA

Maintain Strict Authentication in your PeopleSoft Environment

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October 29, 2020

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3:00 PM South Africa Standard Time

With a mixture of on-premise and mobile access, managing identity in PeopleSoft has never been more complicated. Throw in user’s expectations for seamless, frictionless access and IT leaders are struggling to balance security and user experience. Relying on PeopleSoft passwords as the primary security layer is not the solution – and leveraging MFA challenges for each login creates issues for users. However, secure (yet frictionless) authentication is possible!
Join us for an executive round table, as we’ll discuss how securing PeopleSoft using Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication (integrated at the application and transaction layers) is the ‘next-gen’ balance of security and user experience. We’ll discuss implementation and roll-out strategies that can ensure project success.
Join senior leaders and globally recognized PeopleSoft technical and security advisors as they discuss what they believe are the best steps to securing PeopleSoft. As part of the round table, you’ll be able to communicate with our presenters and be part of the conversation!

Presented by :

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Ruhan Ferreira

Peoplesoft Consultant

RuXSys IT Solutions

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Greg Wendt

Executive Director Security Solutions


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Bernard Du Toit

Human Capital Information Technology

MMI Holdings Limited

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