Uniting Appsian & Xpandion (GRC): Thoughts from Xpandion CEO, Moshe Panzer

By Michael Cunningham • May 5, 2021

Taken from Moshe Panzer’s May 4th blog post on xpandion.com:

For 14 years, Xpandion has been on a mission: to help organizations create better alignment between user permissions, authorizations, and security best practices. Xpandion’s innovation originated from our deep roots in SAP and developed alongside the market’s enterprise business processes that steadily increased in complexity. This challenge ushered in the creation of ProfileTailor Dynamics, a platform that combines authorization management and segregation of duties (SoD). The goal was to simplify GRC.

Further product development would focus on the entire authorization workflow – from authorization request to provisioning/de-provisioning to authorization monitoring – as it became clear that our customers were also challenged with bottlenecks in the authorization process. Our customers embraced this holistic solution but quickly requested the same functionality be cross-application (E.g., Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle EBS, Active Directory, SalesForce).

In addition, we developed tools designed to further streamline and optimize the authorization process: Role Advisor, Conflict Resolver, Role Remover, and Role Splitter. All designed to reduce the authorization workflow process from months to minutes.

The ERP Market’s Evolving Security & Compliance (GRC) Requirements

While we are proud of what we’ve accomplished, we couldn’t help but realize that the ERP community faced security and compliance challenges we could not solve. Primarily, the limitations of native identity governance, access control, and business process controls that become a requirement once access beyond the firewall became commonplace. In short, remote access demands created risks that the ERP community was simply not prepared for.

Joining Forces with Appsian

With this in mind, we are excited to be joining forces with the global leader of ERP data security, Appsian. Like Xpandion, Appsian is a best-of-breed technology and firmly rooted in ERP. The Appsian Security Platform enables organizations to tightly integrate their identity and access management solutions, employ attribute-based access controls, expand their use of data masking, and provide critical security analytics around ERP data access and usage. In essence, Appsian is an extremely comprehensive ERP data security solution, and their technology is unmatched in the market.

By joining the Appsian family, Xpandion will provide the holistic GRC technology currently missing from the Appsian platform.

The future is bright, and we’re thrilled for what is to come!

For more information about Xpandion, visit www.xpandion.com

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